Nico Bondi, the best young Sno [...]
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Nico Bondi, the best young Snowboarder in the world.


Location: Madonna di Campiglio
Latitude: 46.23000000
Longitude: 10.83000000
Published: 8 Dec 2023

#NicoBondi #snowboarding #volcom
This is a short film of a day we spent with Nico Bondi, a joyful little character.

It was recorded over a couple of days in a friendly town called Madonna di Campiglio, north of Italy.
I was in Northern Italy to shoot photos with the amazing young Snowboarder, Nico Bondi.
As you can see in the film I have a pretty special bond with Nico and have been visiting him a few times every year since he was 5. He was by far the best snowboarder in the world in his age-group. Global brands were all over him for sponsorship, even the Italian Olympic team already had their eyes on him.
Recently he decided to take a break from snowboarding and has gotten very seriously into Football(soccer) and it wouldnt surprise me if he ended up being great there too.
My friend and amazing film-maker Loic Wirth was also in Italy on a job so I suggested he join me after the job. I really wanted to introduce Loic to Nico. Nico Bondi is little ball of energy, so happy and talented, so we ended up filming a bit and making this...
Hope you enjoy it.

Cinematography: Loïc Wirth:
Directing: Loïc Wirth & Vernon Deck
Additional footage: Francesco Bondi & Vernon Deck
Art: Nico Bondi
Color Grading: Loïc Wirth
Sound Design: Loïc Wirth
Writing & Editing: Loïc Wirth


These Days, by Nico
Don't Bring it to Life, by ((Sounder))
Burn Out Like Firefly's, by Baron, feat ((Sounder))

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