Beam Reach Sail - 10 Knots SOG [...]
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Beam Reach Sail - 10 Knots SOG - Charter Guests - Charleston to Savannah - EP39


Location: Savannah
Latitude: 32.08000000
Longitude: -81.09000000
Published: 4 Jan 2020

Perfect Winds, Sunshine & Great Company made for a great 10 hour day sailing an average of 10 knots SOG from Bohicket Marina in Johns Island-Charleston to Bull River Marina in Savannah on Thanksgiving Holiday 2019.

WATCH a bit of coastal cruising for our Thanksgiving sail from Charleston down to Savannah. We averaged 10 knots for about 80 miles with a beam reach for most of the way.

We welcomed 2 charter guests, who wanted to try their skills out on sailing a catamaran. They had already taken courses through the American Sailing Association and did a great job trimming the sails!

Stephen's brother Ed joined us as well. Thanksgiving dinner was a turkey pot pie and pumpkin pie (made in advance of course).

That evening we were treated to 4 celestial objects during our early evening stargazing - Pluto, Venus, Saturn & Moon.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know your comments.




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Master Captain: Stephen Bell
First Officer: Dawn Bell