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Summers at Bohicket - Kiawah, Seabrook, Johns Island Sailing & more - Blue Dot Voyages PILAR - EP41


Location: Bohicket Creek
Latitude: 32.58000000
Longitude: -80.21000000
Published: 11 Mar 2020

This is the story of summer in South Carolina - serene beaches, ocean surf, sea creatures, sailing, sightseeing, long enjoyable days, and restful nights. Our home port is part of the Charleston Sea Islands - Bohicket Marina at the intersection of Kiawah, Seabrook & Johns Islands. We hope you can join us sometime.

A short one hour sail brings us to the amazing Deveaux Bank. It started out only as sand spit and over the years has gradually grown. Every so many years, they do Beach renurturing on Kiawah Island, where they deposit tons of sand onto an eroding beach. Natural forces work to then erode that new sand and it is carried away by the water and is slowly depositing itself on Deveaux Bank. We expect soon that Deveaux Bank will be joined to the neighboring Botany Island. Already at low tide, you can walk between the two.

And while this is all happening, horseshoe crabs continue on their natural ways, taking advantage of the pure beach sand for some “recreation”. These animals have been around for millions of years, and continue to thrive in this area in the Ace Basin of South Carolina, one of the most active areas in the world for biodiversity.

Back on the boat, we love to watch the water splashing over the bow and the hulls as PILAR slices through the water. The view, the sound and the feel of the water underneath are unbeatable.

Night time brings flounder gigging at certain times of the year.

Summer 2019, we welcomed a 74 Sunreef to Bohicket Marina called Amelie. She quickly became the most admired boat on the dock.

We were also joined by another Leopard48, and we docked back to back for many months. We were the entertainment for the dock walkers who loved to watch us dock our boats in the 7 knot currents into the inside slips.

Celebrations include our very own PILAR rum!

Feeling like blue crab? We catch our own, clean them, cook them, and turn them into crab cakes.

An occasional afternoon thunderstorm brings a little excitement with it.

Friends and charter guests join us at times. Shannon and Greg brought King Crab legs straight from his recent flight from Alaska (as an UPS pilot). So, of course we had to make sure they caught some fish while aboard.

Pauline and Bill joined us for our weekend sail to Charleston and our stop at Driftwood Beach.

Spending time with our granddaughter on the boat, we were treated to an Eagle’s nest viewing as well as Dolphins strand feeding - a rare occurrence only in a few spots in the world.

Summer 2019 we sailed to Southport and Bald Head Island NC for a month, then Hurricane Dorian sent us scrambling back to port at Bohicket. Our usually calm inlet surprised us with crashing waves during our approach. We secured the boat well and survived unscathed.

As the weather grows cooler, we do some oystering, harvesting enough for dinner. There is something magical about enjoying oysters you just took from the sea. Kat and Jim from the “other” 48Leopard even came along.

When our guest Joanna joined in October, we enjoyed more oystering, horseback riding along the beach, catching smoke on the water one cold morning, experimenting with our camera drone, and paddle boarding with our new boards.

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Master Captain: Stephen Bell
First Officer: Dawn Bell