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Sailing Off The Beaten Track in Alaska | Ep. 9 | Rounding Cape Decision, Fog, & Night Sailing


Location: Point Baker
Latitude: 56.35000000
Longitude: -133.62000000
Published: 24 Sep 2022

Welcome back! It has been a little while since I loaded a new video, but for the next few months, I will attempt to have a new one every week for ya'll!

This one takes us from just north of Ketchikan in Ratz Harbor up into Sumner Strait and to Point Baker where we spend the night. From there, we battle some adverse current, run into some fog, and then head around Cape Decision into Clarence Strait. We use all the daylight and push on into the night to anchor in "The Mud Hole" in Port Malmesbury.

The scenery around Cape Decision was very daunting, and I can only imagine what a storm would be like there with the full force of the Pacific Ocean staring at you in the face!

For the skiers in the crowd, stay tuned to the end of this one for a sneak peek of things to come!

Thank you to Michiel from SV/Joy for the thumbnail photo! We came across them right near Cape Decision and exchanged information over the radio. They were the only other cruising boat we saw between Ratz Harbour in Clarence Strait and Baranof Warm Springs three days later, and the first sailboat sailing in weeks! Check out SV/Joy's adventures here:
Their blog is in Dutch, but Google translate does a fair job of translating into English, or lots of other languages, too!

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