ISTANBUL: Fairytale Wedding in [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Indigo

ISTANBUL: Fairytale Wedding in a Blizzard!


Location: İstanbul
Latitude: 41.01000000
Longitude: 28.98000000
Published: 20 Jul 2022

After sailing in the Seychelles, we arrive in Istanbul the following week to attend a family wedding. But Istanbul turns out to be both culture shock and weather shock for us. The fabled city is blanketed in a surprise snow storm just in time for an ultimate fairytale wedding -- unlike anything we've ever seen before.

Music in this video:
Middle East by Generation Lost -
Devil's Disgrace by Deskant - Epidemic Sound
Midnight Sunshine by Sight of Wonders - Epidemic Sound
Face the Current by Shekufeh Pariab - Epidemic Sound
Vagueness by Shekufeh Pariab - Epidemic Sound