S2.E19 - Sailing across the Pa [...]
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Owner: Sailing SV Wave

S2.E19 - Sailing across the Pacific to Galapagos is hard work!


Location: Pacific Ocean
Latitude: -8.78000000
Longitude: -124.51000000
Published: 11 Aug 2022

Our first big passage since crossing the Atlantic. Outside Panama no wind flat water and lots of motoring for days. This gave us time to fish and swim in 3000m deep water. But when the weather hit, it hit! Wind, rain, choppy seas and adverse current. Why did no one tell us about this. But 8 days and we arrived in Galapagos to turtles and sealions.

Being away from home is sometimes very hard, especially when we miss out on big moments. Like Welcoming to the family our nephew Zane. He will be 5 months old before we see him.

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