DAY2 suite - Corsica from Scan [...]
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DAY2 suite - Corsica from Scandola Reserve to Ajaccio with HOC YACHTS 33P Cruiser


Location: Reserve Naturelle De Scandola
Latitude: 42.36000000
Longitude: 8.57000000
Published: 5 Apr 2020

Part 2 suite of our trip to Corsica. Crossing with our motor boat HOC Yachts from Scandola Reserve to Ajaccio. Come aboard and cruise with us, Emma and Steve will show you how does it feel to travel and explore new places with the HOC 33P Cruiser.

This video was recorded in October 2017. We had to re-upload here because our old channel got deleted by mistakes.

Total trip in from Cannes to Calvi : 96NM with a fuel consumtion of 140 liters. Around 1.46 liters per NM
Cruising speed: 28 Knots

We had the pleasure to take the motor yacht HOC33P Cruiser from HOCYACHTS 10.2 meters or 33ft boat equiped with one single inboard engine Volvo Penta D6-400 for a ride to Corsica last week end. The weather conditions was perfect and we spent an awesome time. We would like to share with you different moments from our boat trip in Corsica, during the crossing from Cannes to Calvi, but also while cruising around the coast until Ajaccio. We also have added all the coordinates for the places visited so if you are going in Corsica it’s a must see video and save the cool spots. We managed to get some spectacular shot with the drone DJI Phantom 4 Pro.