Guadeloupe - The Butterfly Isl [...]
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Owner: The Meri Crew

Guadeloupe - The Butterfly Island


Location: Guadeloupe
Latitude: 16.27000000
Longitude: -61.55000000
Published: 5 Feb 2023

@TheMeriCrew sail SV Frolic to the beautiful island of Guadeloupe! What a wonderful place to spend time. The island's high volcanic peaks, lush forests filled with flowers and exotic plants, and beautiful surrounding waters made every day here a joy.

We anchored for several nights in Deshaies, the location where the BBC series Death in Paradise is filmed. It is a welcoming little town with some great restaurants. A short walk away is a wonderful botanical garden. This was also our base for a land tour of the island with William of Pelican Tours.

We also anchored in the area between Malendure beach and Bouliantte. We spent several days scuba diving and free diving in the Cousteau Reserve, and we loaded up on local produce.