Anchored in the Lagoon and Dro [...]
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Owner: Wayward Life Sailing

Anchored in the Lagoon and Dropping Our GoPro Overboard | Chapter 3 Episode 21 | The Wayward Life


Location: Campbell River
Latitude: 50.03000000
Longitude: -125.27000000
Published: 14 Nov 2020

After four months up on land working on the boat, we finally make it back into the water and decide to anchor in the estuary for a week, to get our bearings again and test out our systems. It is beautiful and tranquil, but not without its mishaps.

Giant shout out to Ian for diving for us to find the GoPro, and thanks to Sybil for lending him to us for a couple house haha. And thanks to our Patrons for sticking with us through all the land work that was supposed to be a summer of cruising. Should be more adventures to come.


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