Exploring Newcastle Island (Sa [...]
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Exploring Newcastle Island (Saysutshun) | Chapter 2 Episode 8| The Wayward Life


Location: Nanaimo
Latitude: 49.17000000
Longitude: -123.94000000
Published: 31 May 2019

For Michelle’s 30th birthday, we decided to head to Newcastle Island and Protection Island (I say the wrong name in the video-sorry!). On the adventure we reef our main sail for the first time, find an owl in the woods, see some deer and hang out with some fish in a lake.

Thank you to Michelle Doherty, Alex Betancourt, Sidney Russel & Natalie Sternberg for your filming skills used in this video!

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Music in this video:

Better Days- Bensound
My Rain is Gone- Victor Olsson