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Sailing EnVera

We are a family of 4 - Peck, Ella, Luna and our dog Bobby. We moved to Florida from Europe 8 years ago and have since been living the American dream. We built our yacht canvas small business from scratch. We opened our canvas shop, bought our first sailboat, restored that boat, and sailed around the Florida coast. In 2017 we took the amazing opportunity in Texas of finding our dream boat which is a Morgan 45/1. Our original dream was to restore that boat and sail the Pacific but our plans quickly turned around when SV EnVera fell into our arms from a friend. After adopting EnVera we started towards a new and exciting path. We wanted to give her a new life that she deserves. We are restoring sailboat EnVera with a plan of filming sailing videos and our adventures around the world on a fully restored 1974 Irwin 37CC. We are planning to sail across the Atlantic in May of 2023 and sail back to Europe where we are originally from.

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