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Sailing Uma

πŸ‘‹ We are Dan (From Canada) & Kika (From Haiti), Creating videos of our journey, adventures, and lessons learned, as we explore the world, One country at a time, One project at a time, One Step at a time. It all started 7 years ago when a friend gave us wise advice. He said, "...don't buy a couch!" Long story short, we never did. Instead we rescued an old beat-up sailboat (1972 Pearson 36), destined for the scrap yard, fixed it up and converted it to an ALL ELECTRIC SAILBOAT by building our own motor, and started our new minimalist life on board. πŸ”” Subscribe and Join us as we sail around the world, and take you along our crazy journey, one step at a time. ↓ JOIN THE UMA NATION ↓ For behind-the-scenes, Exclusive Morning Reports, early access to videos, and more bonus content. β–Έ ↓ BINGE WATCH ↓ β–Έ Watch our story from the very beginning: [Step 1]

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