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Sailing Wind Therapy

We’re Jeff and Adrienne. We both grew up sailing, but took 20 years off while married to our exes. When we got together in 2007, we remembered how much we loved sailing. So, we took a week-long sailing class in 2013, bought a Leopard 48 sailing cat, and never looked back (except for when Hurricane Irma destroyed her but we immediately purchased a new Leopard 45). In Spring 2021, our plan is to leave our marina in St. Petersburg, FL, and begin making our way to the Bahamas, then to New England, and then south, arriving in Grenada sometime in June 2022. Maybe, in May 2023, we’ll make our way across the Atlantic Ocean and spend some time in the Mediterranean. And then go around the world. We’ll figure it out. And hopefully, you’ll join us along the way. Thanks for watching our videos. We hope you like them.

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