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The Cruising Kiwis

We are a New Zealand liveaboard family of five: Rob (50+), Rachel (21-ish), Finn (21), Declan (19), Ivan (16) circumnavigating nomadically by sail boat learning from nature, new cultures and life experience. We hope to inspire others to explore different ways to live and educate while having a truckload of fun. Our sailing videos are almost at the fringe of the cutting edge of informative travel entertainment confirming life is far too important to take seriously. If you'd like to help keep us afloat and support the making of these videos you can for the price a coffee: If you'd prefer to simply make a donation you can do so here: (NB the Trust is no longer operating but the web site is.) If you'd rather use PayPal and you have an account you can do so using our email We also have crypto wallets BITCOIN bc1qds53n9tqepxvauqn9dygtczltyu6genkfp9a8a

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