We Paid $57,000 For This Rare [...]
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Owner: Alluring Arctic Sailing

We Paid $57,000 For This Rare Boatyard Find, Are We Dumb?


Location: United States
Latitude: 37.09000000
Longitude: -95.71000000
Published: 28 May 2022

Our next huge challenge detailed here: http://www.alluringarctic.com Check out the beautiful aluminum prints that I'm now offering at http://alluringarctic.myshopify.com . This LIMITED edition is only available until the end of 2023! These are not your usual boring wall pieces, the ink is printed directly onto the aluminum, which results in a really vibrant and striking pictures. Not only do you get a cool picture to admire on your wall, but at the same time you also support the creation of these videos! This is our new boat. A great boatyard find or not? You decide!

Want to support the creation of these videos? Patrons get access to a boat tracker (also shows all past anchorages and harbours) and to our very own Arctic sailing WhatsApp group. And most of all, your support enables me to allocate time into shooting+editing these videos! Thanks for even considering, it really helps us out!

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