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Alluring Arctic Sailing

Hi! I'm Juho and I sail, ski & kitesurf. I also try to contribute to voluntary research projects whenever I can. All of this in cold places! PREVIOUS: 2018: Sailing & skiing Finland & Norway 2019: Sailed to Svalbard and back, where we skied some new lines. In Svalbard participated Gdansk Technical University's Sval-POPs project, collecting snow samples for the research of persistent organic pollutants and their spreading in the Arctic. 2019 summer: Collecting glacier imagery for Norway’s glacier atlas a free hydrology data source used by scientists for example to track the effects of climate change on the glaciers. Kitesurfing & sailing. Winter 2020/2021: Second winter sailing & skiing in Norway Summer 2021: Sold s/y Sylvia, moved to Arktika Summer 2021: Sailed Arktika from Norway to Iceland with Sohvi Spring 2022: Bought a Garcia Nouanni 43, refit in CA, USA

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