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How To Keep Your Bestway Pool Clean | 3 Simple Steps | for Bestway Pool & Intex Pool


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Published: 17 Jul 2020

Wondering how to keep your pool clean? I'll show you the 3 basic steps to keep it clean and clear. The 3 simple steps for pool maintenance apply to a Bestway Pool and Intex Pool! And if that's not enough, I'll then go on to offer you Pro Tips to make keeping it clean and clear even simpler!

I've had my pool for long enough now to build the experience to make keeping your pool clean and clear an easy and quick job! The advice for a Bestway Pool and Intex Pool is very similar, so I combined it into this short and clear video to hopefully make it very simple for you too. Now you can avoid green water or mercy water in your pool, and even if that's happened to you, I also offer tips to fix it.

- How To Keep Your Pool Clean | 3 Simple Steps | for Bestway Pool & Intex Pool -

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