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Toddler sees the WORLD by SAIL - Desert Island Family Adventure SV Delos Ep 394


Location: The Sea of Cortez
Latitude: 26.23000000
Longitude: -111.04000000
Published: 16 Dec 2022

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We traded our 9-5's 13 years ago for something totally different...find out what it's like to live a free, nomadic, and wild life at sea!

We've got another feel good episode comin' at ya this week! It pretty much ticks all the boxes of what we love in an episode...good sailing conditions, adventures with our family and amazing friends, margaritas, and of course some boat work to balance everything out.

In this episode we go on our first proper land mission. We hike from one side of the island we were anchored at to the other via a stunning valley that is full of cacti everywhere. Something about the desert just feels incredibly special and fascinating, it's so different than our usual cruiser habitat of white sandy beaches and palm trees. It's pretty wild when we think about all the different environments Delos has been in over the last year...The rainforests and mangroves of Panama, a fresh water lake 85 feet above sea level in the middle of the Panama Canal, the wild jungle of Costa Rica with howler monkeys echoing through the anchorages, an all inclusive beach resort marina in one of the busiest tourist spots in Mexico, and now here we were in this magic wonderland where the desert meets the sea standing under a cactus that's as tall as a house. Moment's like these make us realize how truly special our lifestyle is, and we are so incredibly grateful to all of you for coming along on the journey with us!

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