Intex 10x30 Pool Review
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Intex 10x30 Pool Review


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Published: 23 Apr 2021

A Complete Intex 10x30 Pool Review.
In this video I review our Intex 10x30 Pool. It's actually an Intex Metal Frame Pool in size 3.05x0.76m or 10' by 30". I give you some useful tips for setting it up, and show exactly on video how the Intex 10x30 Pool should be set up, so when you buy your own, there will be no surprises!

Of course we start with unboxing, then setting up, then we go for a swim and we finish off with a full and honest review of the Intex 10x30 Pool, running through the positive and negative points of this pool, to give you an honest opinion.

Yalla Toys in Qatar kindly provided this pool to us. You can enjoy hassle-free online shopping at , from the comfort of your couch at the click of a button!

Let us know in the comments how it was and give us a like if we deserve it..!

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