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Plum Trampoline 55" Setup Review Tips and Demonstration


Location: Qatar
Latitude: 25.35000000
Longitude: 51.18000000
Published: 24 Jun 2020

Plum Trampoline 55" Setup Review Tips and Demonstration - See the Full Plum Trampoline Setup, followed by a Review with some handy Tips, and a Demonstration by my daughter Yosha!
The Trampoline here is a Plum 55'' Trampoline with Safety Net. But I'm sure setups and details of other Trampoline brands will be quite similar.
When the setup is done I review the Trampoline product for you and then my daughter Yosha gives you a full demonstration!

We have the trampoline installed sometimes with, and sometimes without the safety net, it depends who is playing on it.

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- Plum Trampoline 55" Setup Review Tips and Demonstration -

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