FRAUDS and on the RUN 😱 Our tr [...]
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FRAUDS and on the RUN 😱 Our true story and the impact of a bankruptcy while sailing Montenegro


Location: Montenegro
Latitude: 42.71000000
Longitude: 19.37000000
Published: 29 Mar 2022

THE LINE between SUCCESS and FAILURE is thin - life after a bankruptcy and what actually happens when you go bankrupt - free masterclass. This special episode while we sail Montenegro tells our true story of the impact of the bankruptcy of Gerben's company. The thin line between success and failure. The judgment from others and the impact on the family.

Maybe one of you, a friend or family member is going through a bankruptcy or a hard time. Hopefully, we can be of support to you. So join us in this special episode and learn our biggest lesson of bankruptcy. We also made an episode about the financial impact:

FREE MASTERCLASS: If you are in a similar situation, we made a free 1,5-hour masterclass (Dutch with English subs and workbook) where we share all the processes we went through and give practical tips on:
- navigating all parties involved;
- keeping your energy high,
- creating a clear mind even with all the financial stress, and
- mindset hacks to set you up in thinking about possibilities again

Join for free via the link below:

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Episode #90
⏱ Timestamps
00:00 Intro
01:11 cleaning the boat for sailing Montenegro
03:20 The first sunset session with our Patreons in Boka bay Montenegro
07:28 Ready to explore Montenegro | Sailing the coastline of Montenegro
10:28 Morning views of the Perfect Sense and the coastline of Montenegro
13:50 Frauds and on the run – challenging times
14:46 Involved in a big travel startup
15:30 The story of an entrepreneur and his family behind the bankruptcy
17:05 Before the bankruptcy | The first virtual airline in the world
19:30 I was on the top of my game | Driven and successful entrepreneur
20:36 Then I lost it all, but my biggest loss was… 🥺
21:45 What does bankruptcy do
23:54 Bankruptcy and the family | Rianne’s side of the story
26:41 Being called a fraud 😢
31:24 More sides to a story
32:25 Our biggest lesson of the bankruptcy
33:24 Why I didn’t go into the Dutch debt restructuring | life is just too short
36:28 Sunset on a boat in Montenegro | The most beautiful moment 🥰
37:55 To resume the impact of a bankruptcy
40:24 Sneak peek next episode

Filming: Rianne & Gerben
Editing: Pedro Wessels
Music: Epidemic Sounds -

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