Becalmed and dodging storms on [...]
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Becalmed and dodging storms on our longest passage of the season #boatlife #sailing #sailinglife


Location: Tyrrhenian Sea
Latitude: 40.08000000
Longitude: 11.34000000
Published: 6 Oct 2023

In next Friday’s full episode we set sail from the Aeolian Islands bound for Corsica with light winds forecast….the wind was so light at times that we found ourselves becalmed on a mirror flat sea drifting around in circles or backwards. We tried to be patient but then dark clouds began to appear and the radar tracked storms moving towards us. Wind then arrived allowing us to finally sail but when the lightning started we realised we needed to try to get out of the path of the storm….

#boatlife #sailing #sailinglife #becalmed #medsailing #sailaroundtheworld