Our WORST ever sail! Confused [...]
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Our WORST ever sail! Confused seas, big swell, high winds! | Between The Rock & a hard place pt3 #25


Location: Mediterranean Sea
Latitude: 34.55000000
Longitude: 18.05000000
Published: 29 Jul 2022

Join us on our worst sail ever as we set sail from Menorca to Sardinia across the Abyssal Plain between two weather fronts resulting in confused seas, big swell and 35kts of wind.

With either too much wind or not enough wind sailing in the Mediterranean is challenging at the best of times and when it’s out of season it’s even more so!

Unable and unwilling to motor for 200 nautical miles we decide to set off after one front passes and before another system arrives believing we can make it across without it catching up with us.

We end up having to endure 36 hours of big seas and winds of up to 35kts and, even though we took medication to prevent sea sickness, we both end up feeling unwell and tired and find ourselves hating every minute of it.

We finally sight land and find somewhere flat to anchor and breathe for a day before pushing on to the stunning Maddelena Archipelago but not before some anchoring difficulties!

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