Shipwrecked and swallowed whol [...]
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Shipwrecked and swallowed whole by the sand!! There’s a sailboat buried under here!! #60


Location: Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône
Latitude: 43.39000000
Longitude: 4.80000000
Published: 22 Dec 2023

Having spent a couple of days at anchor in some stunning islands in the Gulf of Lyon near Marseille we began to navigate our way past the navigation buoys and towards an anchorage near the mouth of the mighty Rhône river when we spotted something half buried in the sand…

We anchored and went ashore to investigate and found the mast of a shipwrecked sailing boat being consumed by the sand!!! Please join us as we show you this haunting sight and as we’re treated to a scary but spectacular lightning show at anchor.

Finally, it’s time for our haul out, which turns out to be a nerve wracking time too as we watch our floating home being pulled out of the water by a tractor towing her on a trailer and we hear a loud pop!

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