Upwind sailing and tacking in [...]
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Upwind sailing and tacking in the Ionian | Cocktails and Windmills at captivating Kastos #33


Location: Kastos
Latitude: 38.57000000
Longitude: 20.91000000
Published: 18 Nov 2022

Join us as we try to figure out how to sail upwind and improve our tacking angle as we sail to Kastos island!

We have a great sail in our Najad sailboat on a hot summer’s day to reach our goal of returning for a second cocktail at the stunning windmill cocktail bar on a very special Greek island - Kastos!

We have to dive on our anchor chain to free another boat’s anchor but thankfully the water is clear and shallow and we have our first rain in ages, as well as some thunder and lightning! Oh, and Kate manages to burn her arm!

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