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In Joel Salatin's Footsteps: How this Couple are Regenerative Farming in Australia.


Location: Greenbushes
Latitude: -33.85000000
Longitude: 116.06000000
Published: 7 Jul 2023

In the alternative farming scene, it's unlikely for anyone to have not heard of Joel Salatin or have been influenced by his larger than life personality. Here in our cozy corner of South-Western Australia, we were fortunate enough to meet another two farmers who are carving out a place for themselves in the world of regenerative agriculture, incorporating his lessons from the other side of the world while running their pastured poultry operation.

Jeff and Michelle of Southampton Homestead are passionate about restoring health to the land, opportunity to the people of their community and a meaningful life for the animals in their care. It is our great fortune to count them as our friends and it is with no small pleasure that we present their story to you.

As well as the works and advice of Joel Salatin and his family, Jeff would like to acknowledge James L Chestnut in shaping his philosophy around farming and wellness as discussed in the interview.

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00:00 Why Jeff started farming
01:30 Introducing Jeff and Michelle from Southampton Homestead
03:52 Regenerative Agriculture in a nutshell
05:51 The decision to farm and harvest pastured chickens on the farm
07:23 Visiting the Salatin's Farm, Polyfaces, in 2014
07:40 Their first micro-abattoir
08:44 The new onsite abattoir facility and radical transparency
09:25 Why we need to grow the market for ethical pastured poultry
11:06 Regenerative farming practices at Southampton Homestead
15:47 The process of growing out a Southampton chicken for market
22:54 Early challenges. Know your market and customer. Advice for budding farmers.
23:59 Why you should eat local pastured poultry
25:00 A farmer's love for the animals in their care
26:23 Outtakes Troy preparing for entry into the abattoir

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