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Owner: Harbors Unknown

Delos + WEsail Help REPAIR THE RUDDER on our Sailing Catamaran


Location: Tuamotu Archipelago
Latitude: 0.00000000
Longitude: 0.00000000
Published: 10 May 2024

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@svdelos + @WEsail Help REPAIR THE RUDDER on our Sailing Catamaran

In the last episode our rudder fell off after heaving to outside of Raroia, a remote atoll in the Tuamotu archipelago of French Polynesia. Now we had to navigate the pass and across the bommie filled lagoon to the anchorage with just one rudder then figure out how we were going to tackle the repair. Fortunately we had a lot of friends in the anchorage including @svdelos and @WEsail and we were about to experience the best aspect of the sailing community.

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If you're new here, Harbors Unknown is the story of two dreamers, Kristin & Fabio Potenti, & our dog Yoda. We're a small family living aboard our catamaran, SV Wanderlust, sailing to Harbors Unknown. Exploring the world, connecting with people and places through the local cuisine, and showing how great food can be cooked on a boat with limited space and resources. Seeking to balance the desire to explore and travel to beautiful, remote locations while leaving no footprint, minimizing the Hawthorne effect of the observers who change the environment she or he observes.

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00:00-04:09 Navigating with One Rudder
04:10-10:49 Initial Repairs
10:50-24:00 The Gang Shows Up to Repair Our Rudder