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Athens: Top Things To Do in 72 Hours (Best Travel Guide) 🇬🇷


Location: Athens
Latitude: 37.98000000
Longitude: 23.73000000
Published: 30 May 2023

Here are our Top Things To Do in Athens! While waiting for our yacht to sell, John and I decided to go for a road trip through Greece. OUR FIRST STOP: Athens! In this episode, we'll show you our first impressions and what to do with 72 hours in Athens, the capital!

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📍 FREE GOOGLE MAP WITH PINS:,22.6018389,7z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!11m1!2sY7foqInMF3Sq03oYt_v_BVa0Sdpa_g?entry=ttu

0:00 Road trip through Greece
1:36 Exploring Athens
2:06 Hiring a car in Athens
3:07 Where to stay in Athens: Psirri
3:40 Our Athens AirBnb
4:41 Athens Central Municipal Markets
4:57 First Impressions of Athens
5:37 Monastiraki Square
5:49 Exploring Plakka
6:14 Walking to the Parthenon
7:18 Entry into the Parthenon, Acropolis
8:31 Rooftop Bars in Athens
8:47 The best food in Athens
12:01 Shopping on Ermou Street
12:20 The Monument of the Unknown Soldier
13:00 Panathenaic Stadium, Athens
14:00 Tips when visiting Athens, Greece

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