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Achieving Maximum Frostiness: Insulating Our Freezer For Tropic Temperatures (MJ Sailing - Ep 325)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 20 Apr 2024

How we're insulating our freezer for tropical climates. Getting it OUT OF THE GALLEY for starters!

First, coming back from the Max Cruise yard with us is a bunch of metal work that we have hired Max Cruise to do for us. (If you remember the year we waited for our compression post from a local guy, you'll understand why we went this route.) We had no idea what parts would be making their way back with us, we just told them to load two boxes with a max of 23 kg each.

Join in with us as we dive into this box of goodies and see what parts we can start adding to the build right away.

Then we back up to a project Matt did a few months ago, of adding our white oak wood trim to the edges of the galley counters. We used a flexible epoxy to put them in place, and Matt had been so careful to get everything aligned properly so that each piece of trim was flush with the existing structure. Too bad there was one part of it he didn't take into account...

And lastly, we begin work on moving our Vitrifrigo freezer out of the galley and into the salon. The two main reason for this are to open up space in the galley for items we'll be using more often, and to also give more room to the freezer in its new place to add extra insulation.

Although the freezer does come with a bit of insulation already, we didn't think it would stand up well to tropical temperatures, or let us get the deep freeze we want for storing meats for a long period of time. By moving it under the settee in the salon, we can fit out the space with an extra 2 inches (5 cm) of insulation to each side as well as the bottom.

Once we get our order from TotalBoat in, we'll also be adding a 2 part expanding foam to fill in the cracks.

We hope you enjoy our look back into boat work! Tell us what you think of the freezer placement! We can't take full credit for the idea though, we first learned about it from Delos when we were getting a tour of their boat, lol.

We hope you enjoy!

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 - Unboxing our metal work from Max Cruise
03:16 - Box 2 - Our Steps!!
05:38 - Bonding white oak trim in galley
07:35- Will it all work out? doesn't.
10:36 - Moving the freezer out of the galley
14:11 - Adding 2 inch insulation to our freezer
16:35 - Closing

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