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Owner: MJ Sailing

CATAMARAN BUILD - This Could Be A $$ Mistake (MJ Sailing - Ep 281)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 22 Apr 2023

$1,000 of bonding agent in our hands and one chance not to mess this up.

Matt and I have been quite busy these past few days (just finished this project yesterday) and using the warm weather at our disposal to break out our methacrylate bonding agent again. It's the adhesive we use to bond all the pieces of the hull together before they get glassed.

Most of the boat HAS been put together at this point, but we still have the very large cabin top to contend with. Before we can even attach it to the boat, we need to bond the three separate pieces together. Matt spends a few days prepping the overlapping flanges, and then we're ready to go.

This round we're lucky to have a new batch of methacrylate with a longer working time, going from 45 minutes previously up to 90 minutes now. And for the first bond we need every single minute, as things are not lining up like they should.

We hope you enjoy!