Finishing the Settee....AND TH [...]
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Owner: MJ Sailing

Finishing the Settee....AND THEN... (MJ Sailing - Ep 318)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 20 Jan 2024

For nearly a year, we haven't been able to do work on our salon - but now it's time to make our U shaped settee complete!
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In this episode we focus work in the salon, and specifically the back of the settee. This is an area we haven't been able to touch in over a year because we had to wait for the compression post to go in before we could close it off.

Back in the fall Matt had pieced together pieces of our foam core to make up the 2.8m (7.5 ft) seat back. Since it's a tight area that would be very difficult to glass behind once it is in place, Matt made flanges and bonded them against the supports. Then they were buttered up with our TotalBoat structural putty (thickened polyester resin) and the seat back placed against it.

Cleats were drilled into the base of the settee to keep the back taught against the flanges as it cures. The next day Matt was able to go back and glass the front portion to the surrounding settee, using two sheets of our 12 oz double biased fiberglass.

We were excited to get fairing compound on here, meaning we can start up work once again in the salon and galley to get the priming and painting process underway. But...before we could get too far there, our work was disrupted by 'The Storm'. (Check a few posts back on our Facebook or Instagram page for a little more info on that.)

Now work in the salon has come to a halt....but we can't share all of that with you just yet.

We hope you enjoy!!