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Foiled At Every Turn! Catamaran Build Gone Wrong (MJ Sailing Ep - 316)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 6 Jan 2024

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Sorry for the silence from us lately, we've been disconnected for the past week as we helped some friends deliver their boat from Florida to the Bahamas. It was great spending some time on the water again, and you'll get to catch details from that episode next week.

But, before we left, we were still hard at work on the catamaran. The only problem was, each project we tried to complete left us with very important tools which didn't want to work, and therefore halted progress.

We were so happy to have the backing plate for our compression post back from the welder, because once again, when that was in place it would let us get to a number of other things we'd been putting off. But, when we went to apply the tube of methacrylate to bond it to our bulkhead, the gun broke in Matt's hands, and we had no spare!! This quick cure substance couldn't be spared, and we had to put in new orders for both items.

Then, we were incredibly excited to get a new coat of primer sprayed in our master head...except the first gun (which we borrow from Colby) would not put out paint...only pressurized air. So, we switched to our smaller 3M gun, only to find the needle was bad and it would sputter the paint out. And you guessed it, no backup needles. Since the two part paint was already mixed however, we decided to roll it on, so that project was somewhat salvaged.

A few days after that we received our new gun and new tubes of methacrylate, and FINALLY got the backing plate in place and bolted in. Whew. Who knew a few simple projects could be so hard?

We hope you enjoy!!

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00:00 - Attempting to bond our compression post backing plate
04:17 - Matt broke the gun!!
06:56 - Get your best night of sleep
08:21 - Glassing the helm station to the cabin top
10:19 - Backing plates for our winches
12:24 - The head looks AWFUL!!
14:52 - Attempt 2 at the compression post
19:58 - Closing

Nicer Days - Aluvio
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Shangri-La - Basixx
The Last Guardians - Coma Svensson
Varg! - Loving Caliber
We Got The Balls - Rockin' For Decades
Pandemonium - The Mondays (Tribute Version)

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