Lifting Our 7,000 lb Catamaran [...]
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Owner: MJ Sailing

Lifting Our 7,000 lb Catamaran By Ourselves!! - Changing Our Base to Foam (MJ Sailing - Ep 285)


Location: Kent Island
Latitude: 38.94000000
Longitude: -76.33000000
Published: 20 May 2023

Can we lift up this beast of a boat with just the two of us?

For the past two years of the build, our boat has been sitting on the forms which came with the kit from Vietnam. But this week, we lift up the catamaran to switch our our plywood forms for foam blocks, and we do it without any outside help!!

After two years now of accumulating tool and scrap pieces of foam, we first have to do a thorough cleaning underneath the hull to make room for ourselves to work. Then we bring out the laser to mark where the hull is currently sitting, before we get to lifting it up.

It isn't an uncommon thing for catamarans to rest in foam blocks instead of jackstangs, ask our friend Matt with his Gunboat, but what most people do not have to deal for short hauls or storage is keeping the boat perfectly level. And while we've already build out most of our interior, we still want it to come back down exactly where she had been sitting before.

So after a full day of cleaning, jacking, and adding and then removing shims underneath the foam, we THINK we have it good enough to move on.

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