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Sailing at 77% of Wind Speed WHILE REGENERATING at 19 Amps! (MJ Sailing - Ep 327)


Location: Pattaya Beach
Latitude: 12.94000000
Longitude: 100.88000000
Published: 4 May 2024

We're back to bring you the second half of our time in SE Asia, and this time, instead of looking at boats in the factory, we actually get to spend a few days sailing one!!

Matt and I were super excited when Terry's invitation to come out and visit also included a side trip over to Pattaya Thailand to spend a few days aboard his Max Cruise 44, 'Max One'. Since there are strict laws against boats sailing in Vietnam, this is where the deliveries are made of the Max Cruise yachts, and is a great training ground for the new owners learning to sail them. And as 'soon to be' owners ourselves, we jumped at the chance to get on Terry's boat for some practice.

We'd only have two days on the water before our flight back, so we needed to make the most of them. The grounds outside of the Ocean Marina Resort are fairly protected, and at this time of year, winds are a steady 10-15 knots. This was great for us, as one of the large reasons for us choosing the Max Cruise is its light wind sailing capabilities.

In the next two days we'd try out different points of sail with the Code 65, the genoa, and also the spinnaker.

Day one had us starting with the Code 65, and even through winds of 11-13 knots, our boat speed was usually between 9-11 knots, which we were incredibly happy with. And on top of that, we were regenerating power at 15-19 amps!!

Switching over to the genoa, a smaller headsail, we worked on pointing capabilities, and tried to keep ourselves as close to the wind as we could, just to see what kinds of speeds we could achieve. Holding a course of 45 degrees to the apparent wind angle, we were still sailing comfortably along at 10-11 knots in 13-14 knots of wind.

Terry's boat has mini keels, so when our boat is completed with its dagger boards and different sails, the two of us should be able to point even higher into the wind.

With one day of sailing down, we were extremely happy with the speeds we were achieving, and the ease in which the two of us should be able to handle this boat by ourselves.

One more day on the water to see how she does with the spinnaker. Stay tuned next week to find out!

We hope you enjoy!

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Much love,
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 - Leaving Vietnam
02:07 - Prepping Max One's sails
05:01 - Out of the harbor & raising sails
07:26 - Sailing at 77% wind speed with regen on
09:48 - Switching the Code 65 for the genoa
11:56 - Noise caused from regeneration
14:05 - A swim & dinner on the beach
16:17 - Closing

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