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Owner: MJ Sailing

We Are SO LUCKY To Get This Sponsor - It Is a GAME CHANGER for us!! (MJ Sailing - Ep 291)


Location: Vancouver
Latitude: 49.28000000
Longitude: -123.12000000
Published: 1 Jul 2023

Our Catamaran Is Getting TOP OF THE LINE Electrical Equipment!!

Boat projects came to a halt for a few days as we flew across the country from the east coast to the west to meet with our newest official sponsor - Xantrex. This is a company we have been talking to since the beginning of the build in hopes of a collaboration, and just a few weeks ago, we got the green light from their end.

With Xantrex's help, they will be adding to our boat: inverters; charge controllers; lithium ion batteries, solar panels, and a new device called The Gateway that will let all the systems communicate with one another.

We are beyond excited!!! Sitting down with the in house team, we were able to share our hopes for the build, and how we're looking to go to 48v with most items as we'll be an electric hybrid boat. Plus, Matt had a chance to talk to the engineers as well as see The Gateway in action.

You will be seeing a lot more from Xantrex as we continue with this build.

Next week will show the remainder of our time in BC, but for the episode's sake we decided to get back to some boat work.

Matt tackles the project of putting in the last form for our flush deck hatch, in the forward guest berth on port side.

This consists of perfectly measuring and cutting the opening, and then removing the gelcoat and glass from the flange to bond it in. Once it has cured overnight being placed down with our thickened resin, it gets glassed with our double biased from above and below.

There will be many more steps in the future to finish it off, but we're one step closer to being able to place our hatches in this year.

We hope you enjoy!