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Logging, Gold / Aluminium Mining and the impact on People and Environment in the Rainforest. Ep101


Location: Suriname
Latitude: 3.92000000
Longitude: -56.03000000
Published: 18 Jul 2021

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This journey involves a bus ride for a few hours and then as there are no roads further inland, we had to get on a long boat for a few more hours along the river.

We did not quite know what to expect for the journey or when we got there but it was beyond our expectations . We had an excellent guide called 'Tony' who was very knowledgeable and a great story teller so you will see a lot of him in the following blogs as he teaches us about the flora, fauna and life in the rainforest.

In this episode we hear about some of the problems that Suriname has suffered because of the Aluminium factory that caused a lot of people to lose their homes . Gold mining is also causing problems to wildlife and people due to pollutants and the destructive erosion from the mining sites. Finally logging which is another whole story in itself and briefly mentioned here.

On the bright side, we head to an isolated river lodge that strives to support the local community with projects around childcare, healthcare, education and employment for tourism . We were honoured to support such a sustainable project from our visit and now we are even happier to share our findings through our videos !

We highly recommend Tony as a guide so if you would like to book a tour with him, we suggest you contact him through Access Suriname Travel:
Facebook page : @SurinamTravel
Website : https://www.surinametravel.com/


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