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The Real Mosquito Coast - Sailing 88nm Upriver into the Amazon Rainforest Ep 105


Location: Suriname River
Latitude: 4.54000000
Longitude: -55.31000000
Published: 19 Sep 2021

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Sailing 88nm up a river in the Amazon rainforest comes up with all sorts of unexpected hazards with a current flowing in these muddy waters. If you have ever read 'Mosquito Coast', this is a bit like that as we try to navigate the rives without any electronic charts and only one paper chart between us.

We buddy boated with our friends on White Pearl whom we met in Greece right at the beginning of our liveaboard life and when we finally reached out destination 88nm upriver in Moengo, we were happy top celebrate Yewans 9th birthday here, in the heart of the Rainforest!

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