Our Autopilot Fails... Again! [...]
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Our Autopilot Fails... Again! Night Sail to St. Lucia - Episode 20


Location: Saint Lucia
Latitude: 13.91000000
Longitude: -60.98000000
Published: 5 Feb 2021

In this episode, we sail overnight from Bequia to St. Lucia. Although only a 15 hour sail, it was a salty one. We have some issues with our autopilot and arrive in St. Lucia exhausted. After spending all day trying to get checked into Customs and Immigration, we are finally able to roam free. We check out the Castries Central Market and find a couple rum shops, in Gros Islet, to hangout at. We try to find a good dive site but are unsuccessful. After being in St. Lucia for just a few days we learn of a possible lock down which could potentially change our future plans.

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