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We've Got to Leave this Anchorage - Right Now! - Episode 78


Location: Costa Rica
Latitude: 9.75000000
Longitude: -83.75000000
Published: 14 Aug 2022

After the two day check out process, we are finally able to begin our journey up the northern coast of Costa Rica. Our first stop after navigating the shallow area in Puntarenas is to meet up with a couple of our friends at a nearby anchorage. From here we sail overnight to Bahia Samara but we do not stay long as the anchorage is extremely uncomfortable. We pull anchor early in the morning and set off to an unknown destination hoping to find a place to get some rest. Feeling exhausted and a bit sea sick, we are beyond thankful when we happen on the anchorage of Bahia Guacamaya. From here we make another jump to the beautiful anchorage of Islas Murcielagos where we are pleasantly surprised by our surroundings. Thanks for watching!

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