One of the most INCREDIBLE anc [...]
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Owner: Outside Watch - SV Skylark

One of the most INCREDIBLE anchorages we have EVER been! 360° of DUNES! - Outside Watch Vlog #21


Location: Namibia
Latitude: -22.96000000
Longitude: 18.49000000
Published: 19 Jun 2022

NAMIBIA!!! WOW.... We found one of the most incredible and remote anchorages we have ever been to! Skylark was surrounded almost 360 degrees by HUGE sand dunes. This stretch of African is harsh and very inhospitable, in places like this, it shows. It was so amazing to be able to experience a remote outpost like this with the comforts of our floating home. It is often referred to as the 'Skeleton Coast'.

Also, we have an epic 3 day road trip through the interior of Namibia. This is definitely one of the most beautiful countries there is!

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