Mastering endurance: Sailor's [...]
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Owner: Pacific Solo

Mastering endurance: Sailor's 60-kilometer challenge


Location: Osaka Castle
Latitude: 34.69000000
Longitude: 135.53000000
Published: 1 Mar 2024

I only started training in January due to doctor's orders. So, to avoid injury, my aim was to walk and jog. But I knew that I would be running the risk of not reaching certain time checks.
Also, I wanted it to be a challenge, so I decided to try to match my first sponsored walk at age 12 (35 miles / 56 km) and dedicate the walk to my grandson, who is 12. So I got up extra early yesterday, and even before the marathon started, I had walked 18.7 km.
In the end, I completed 60 km.
However, during the marathon, just over halfway through and 40 seconds shy of the required checkpoint time, I was approached by officials who tried to put me on a bus as they needed to open the roads. Determined to make every step count, I insisted on continuing and making my own way back to the start/finish line. Coincidentally, at that point, my aggregate distance was just over 42 kilometers and was determined to be at least another 14, but in the end, I reached 60km.
Thanks to all my sponsors and fellow HOPE Runners, we've raised 1.5 million yen (approx. $10,000) so far! Your support means everything. For those still considering supporting, here is the link

Congratulations and hearty thanks to the runners and all those who supported them: Andrew Dunbar, Ben Garton, Crissman Loomis, Justin Ross-Smith, Marcus Everard, Marian Marx, Matthew Johnston, Mike Benner, Simon Yates, Steve Burson, and Simon Yates.
Dream Big, Work Hard, Play well! 🏃‍♂️💧 #OsakaMarathon #hope

Thanks to @SailingRamona for the drone footage

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