The Final Episode of Season 4: [...]
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The Final Episode of Season 4: Will My Boat Survive Typhoon Kahnun?


Location: Amami Ōshima
Latitude: 28.27000000
Longitude: 129.36000000
Published: 11 Aug 2023

Although this is the final episode of Season 4, it contains a lot of firsts:
1. First time to build a mooring buoy
2. First time to leave Wahine in the middle of the bay at any time, let alone a typhoon
3. First time to experience a Typhoon that was so dangerously slow and lingering.
4. First time to use a Flight Simulator with live weather to get a sense of conditions at sea level
5. First time to leave Wahine to fend for herself in a typhoon. I left because there was nothing more I could do, and to stay would be a burden. As it was the small community of 25 where Wahine is moored suffered from flooding and loss of electricity, and stores and supermarkets across the island had empty shelves. I got one of the last flights out.

I am indebted to MItsu, who is beyond amazing. I felt I had the help of MARINER ( Kevin Costner`s character) from the movie water world.

I left it as a cliffhanger because although the typhoon has passed, I have not gotten back on board to inspect Wahine. I know there is some damage but I need to verify the extent.

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