A New Day and Annapolis 2022
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Owner: Sailing Dark Angel

A New Day and Annapolis 2022


Location: Annapolis
Latitude: 38.98000000
Longitude: -76.49000000
Published: 3 Sep 2022

Today's video is not this week's video.
We are pushing our video release day to Wednesday at 10am going forward.
We ran out of time for this week due to some very time sensitive boat projects that we'll be showing in upcoming videos, so we need a breather, but no worries, there's lots more content coming your way! Remember, new videos will be posted on Wednesdays at 10am to see how that works out.
We appreciate your support!

Meanwhile, we're getting ready for the United States Sailboat Show
in Annapolis, October 13-17
This is the show to attend for new boat models, new products and a chance to see cool stuff! While you're there, come and see us at the YouTube Sailing Channels booth. We'll even get you a discount on advance tickets.
Use our code: Dark Angel22 to save money on your tickets
The link is https://bit.ly/DARKANGEL22
See you there!