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E1 What's in a Name


Location: St. Thomas
Latitude: 42.78000000
Longitude: -81.18000000
Published: 3 Jul 2019

We've finally posted our introductory video. They'll improve as we go, honest! We really wanted to get some content on the channel to get the ball rolling. If you have ideas for content you'd like to see, please let us know in the comments. We have two more videos in the works as we speak, and several ideas for more as we work toward making this venture a reality. Sailing Vessel Dark Angel is in the early planning stages. There's a long, hard learning curve before we turn the key on our dream catamaran, but this whole process is part of the adventure! Come with us as we explore the world of catamaran sailing and live-aboard cruising. We'll discuss the hurdles we need to clear and what we are doing about them. There is much to learn and a great deal of planning to turn a vessel as complex as a modern cruising catamaran into an energy efficient, practical, live-aboard home. We really aren't your average couple. Many people we discuss this idea with simply can't grasp what we plan to do, or why we would even want to. We dream big, and we work hard to make our dreams come true. We'd be delighted to bring you along with us! While you wait (im)patiently for our upcoming videos, join us in following some of our favourite sailing channels on youtube. If you feel inspired, you can lend your support by becoming patrons to the channels you'd like to help succeed. We can't do this without your help. Click 'like' if you appreciate a video. Subscribe to our channel, and don't forget to click the notification bell to be informed of new content, and if you REALLY like what we are doing, please join our crew and become patrons of SV Dark Angel. It's not expensive and every patron helps us considerably! We will share and apply what we learn, and patrons will receive early video releases, swag, and other goodies as we get rolling! Get on board early and become a plank-holder! This is gonna be a hell of a ride!
Lisa and Dave

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