E14 It Doesn't Count Until You [...]
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E14 It Doesn't Count Until You Hear the Crunch. Leaving the Chesapeake. Bahamas Express


Location: Lake Wesley
Latitude: 36.83000000
Longitude: -75.97000000
Published: 21 Jun 2020

The Bahamas Express crew of 'Good Life' clear the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and head out to the Atlantic Ocean, encountering a channel marker that demands attention along the way.
The learning curve is steep as we head out to the ocean and then weave our way into a little channel to anchor at beautiful Lake Wesley, full of avid fishermen.

We anchored near 'Firefly', the Xquisite X5 Lisa and I followed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean from her birth place in South Africa, on the YouTube channel featuring fellow Canucks, "Sailing Off Duty".
You can catch those episodes here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kkGzj2kMbk

Our opening and closing song is Who We Are by Miah
Check out his band NINETEEN EIGHTY SEVEN! They are awesome http://nineteeneightyseven.com/

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Who would you like to see or even meet from your favourite channels?
For us it's James and Kimmie from Zingaro, Kika and Dan from Sailing Uma, Nikki and Jason from Gone With the Wynns, Keith and Rene from Sailing Zatara, Bobby and friends from Sailing Doodles and ... ok this list could go on for a while.......
Who have you actually met? Did reality meet expectation?

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Lisa & Dave

Date: October 22, 2019
Location: Lake Wesley, MD

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