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E3 Did We Really Go Green in Annapolis


Location: Annapolis
Latitude: 38.98000000
Longitude: -76.49000000
Published: 9 Aug 2019

On day two we got the stars out of our eyes and we were more able to focus on Fit & Finish, Design and Practicality.
We are very practical people, and things need to make sense to us. There are pros and cons to each of the yachts we toured. We are looking for a full-time live-aboard home, so the boat needs to be comfortable and manageable for the two of us. We carefully looked at living space in the salon and hulls, as well as the helm and cockpit. We spoke to several reps about the different features. At this show the Fontaine Pajot (I spelled it correctly this time) was the leader in interio design, but on the 47 we just don't like the winches being separated from the helm.
The Bali was beautiful, but the helm being isolated from the cockpit is a deal-breaker. We didn't give the Lagoon 42 the attention it deserved and we need to check out a new Lagoon at our next opportunity.
In the Fit & Finish category we were most impressed with the Bali. In all fairness, again, we didn't give the Lagoon a proper look. The Fontaine was weakest in that category. The veneers and fasteners did not hold up to close scrutiny.

The show was even busier on Saturday. It was difficult to film without capturing random people. With lectures going on and wait times for the more popular production cats, we learned that time management is key to these events. We both agree that there is a massive difference between watching on YouTube and actually setting foot on these catamarans.
We will be more concious of a game plan and better equipment in the future.

Annapolis was very much worth the trip.
We hope you agree!
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Lisa and Dave
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