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SDA40 We Can't Furl the Jib! Conception Island


Location: Conception Island
Latitude: 23.84000000
Longitude: -75.11000000
Published: 4 Jun 2022

Our jib sail furler gets messed up heading into beautiful Conception Island. How do you screw up the only sail you can fly? We figured out a way.
Conception Island is breathtaking. Parrot fish looking up at me as I swim with them, thinking 'whatthef@ckare you? Long reefs, teaming with life. A beach that's got to be experienced to be believed, and me, Lisa, meeting my first reef shark, a lemon shark as big as me! Pop some corn, pour your favourite beverage and settle in. This is our longest video in a while. The beauty of this place cannot be exaggerated. We tried to capture as much as we can, so this is not a quick hi-lite reel. This island, her reefs and beaches, need to be savoured. Relax, feel the vibe, and count how many times you see me flinch while I hang out with my first reef shark!
We really wanted to share everything with you, but YouTube can be limiting to creativity. That's why we've finally taken the giant step of launching our Patreon channel. We have even more detailed versions on Patreon. Uncut, uncensored, less YouTube friendly. We will be formally announcing more about the difficult decision we made to move forward with Pateon in the coming days. More content is being posted there for our patrons as I write this. I'm also going to start publishing my own personal thoughts and feels on our new website with the release of our blog page. I've debated publishing these, because they're very personal to me, but sharing with you is the point to all of this.
There's a lot going on.
Buckle up.


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