SDA53 Fast Moving Coral
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SDA53 Fast Moving Coral


Location: Compass Cay
Latitude: 24.27000000
Longitude: -76.52000000
Published: 7 Sep 2022

There's so much to see in Pipe Creek, near Compass Cay, the Bahamas, that we spent day after day walking the sandbars and exploring the coral gardens. We had a tough time filtering down hours of video to bring you some of the most beautiful coral we've seen so far.

The shallow shallows and deep cuts come with plenty of current to make swimming a challenge. Accompanied by some very big barracuda, and schools of fish, including a whole school of parrotfish, we bring you along on a journey through healthy, abundant coral. It's like swimming through an aquarium! Come along and see it all with us.

00:00 This Episode / Intro
00:37 Pipe Creek Sand Bar
01:02 Diving Alongside the Sand Bar
01:47 Shallows
03:30 Diving Deeper
05:03 Breath Control
05:36 Day 2 Sandbar
07:20 Day 3 Coral, Current, Barracuda
12:43 Shallows
14:25 Deeper and more current
15:32 Back to School
16:40 Coral Garden Channel
20:56 Coral Looks Like Sticks
21:17 Parrotfish School
22:40 Turtle Decoy
23:38 Sunset Toast

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