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SDA63 What's Wrong with our New Main Sail?


Location: St. Augustine
Latitude: 29.90000000
Longitude: -81.31000000
Published: 23 Nov 2022

We cruise up the Florida coast with a stop at Marineland Marina for dinner with friends, and to close the loop on our starting point as cruisers. Then we grab a mooring ball in St Augustine to finally install our long awaited Precision Sails main sail. With superbroker Ian helping us we install the sail, and with Ian and Marissa's help, we pack it back up. What went wrong?
Watch and see!

00:00 This episode and Intro
00:31 ICW to Marineland and docking
03:08 Alligator
03:39 ICW to St Augustine
05:30 Pick up our new main sail!
06:13 New Sail installation
06:47 Unwrap the sail
08:01 put the sail in the stack pack
09:02 install the sliders. Where are the rest of the sliders?
11:29 where are the battens?
14:41 Blowout
15:12 wrestle the blown out mainsail back down
17:21 sliders are too small for the track, lazy bag is repacked
17:59 take off the main sail
21:27 refold and repack the new main sail to be shipped off for warranty

Enjoy a beautiful charter cruise with Ian aboard his Manta 42 cruising catamaran 'Synchronicity'.
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