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Owner: Sailing Doodles

Perfect for Sailing - The British Virgin Islands


Location: British Virgin Islands
Latitude: 18.42000000
Longitude: -64.64000000
Published: 5 Feb 2023

We spent the night on a mooring next to the world famous Willy T Norman Island in the BVI where the party never stops. We then get up and sail to one of the best snorkel spots in the British Virgin Islands "The Indians" where i use my underwater camera to get some amazing shots and Willa keeps having wardrobe Malfunctions underwater! Then we sail to Cooper Island and catch mooring at the Cooper Island resort and party the night away.

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0:00 intro
0:29 The Bight at Norman Island
1:40 catching a mooring at the indians
3:40 Snorkelling at the indians
5:35 Sailing to Cooper Island
7:30 Mooring at Cooper Island
10:52 FPV drone flight
11:55 Dinner at the Cooper Island Resort
13:10 Athens Flotilla Announcement